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                                          My Personalized Buyers' Services


I will ask a lot of questions, and carefully listen to your answers before ever showing you a house. In this manner, I hope to understand your wants, needs and desires - to guide you to a good buying decision.


1.  Consult & advise in representing your best interests.

2.  Maintain your confidentiality.

3.  Monitor all activities & handle the details:inspection, financing, title, escrow

4.  Provide a Competitive Market Analysis for Buyers' desired properties.

5.  Discuss and refer financial options and make C21 Mortgage resources available to my buyers.

6.  Advise Buyers about title company products available.

7.  Make escrow services referral, including C21NHR-affiliated Prestige Escrow.

8.  Negotiate most favorable terms possible.

9.  Consult with inspector, and review inspection report.

10. Re-negotiate terms after inspection results are in.

11. Review preliminary title report to prevent possible delays in escrow.

12. Review HUD report from escrow prior to Buyers' signing appointment. 

13. Co-ordinate with lender to provide an acceptable appraisal.

14. Consult with lender to provide all necessary underwriting requirements.


                              What is Escrow?
It is a deposit of funds, a deed or other instrument by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of certain conditions or events detailed in the Purchase & Sale Contract. The key is that no funds or property change hands until all of the instructions in the transaction have been completed. The Buyers need to understand and follow all escrow instructions, to assist in the timely closing of the transaction
                             Why Title Insurance?
The Buyers need title insurance, paid for by the Sellers, to hold them harmless against loss through defects to the title, that might come up in the future, having to do with prior ownerships of the property.The lender needs title insurance, paid for by the Buyers, for the same reasons, since they have an interest in the property when they lend money secured by that property. 
Prior to closing a preliminary title report is issued, showing current ownership, status of taxes paid, any liens against the property, etc. If both the lender and the
Buyers accept the report, the title company issues title insurance at closing.
This protects the buyers and the lender against future claims by heirs or lienholders, etc.
                     Is Homeowners' Insurance Important?
I make sure to negotiate for my Buyers to have  the sellers provide homeowner's insurance whenever making an offer on a residence. This limits the Buyers' repair costs  for 1 year of numerous household systems: such as appliances, heating, plumbing, etc.